IIT Students to Create 3D Model of Former Landfill

24 May

During the March 2011 Land Use Planning Charrette for the NE District, project team members discussed a range of potential commercial activities for the re-use of this former landfill site – retail to commercial to light industrial development. The discussion also raised engineering and design challenges related to structure, such as potential for subsidence and differential settlement that could result in structural damage to buildings on the landfill and low bearing capacity that can either limit redevelopment to light weight low rise structures or may require the use of deeper foundations.

IIT Civil Engineering Students & IPRO Team to Create 3D Model of the Former Landfill

Laurence Rohter, a civil engineering professor at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), suggested that there may be creative solutions to mitigate these issues; design of foundations and footings; buffer zones over landfill caps amongst many others. Considering these challenges, IIT, with data help from V3 companies has agreed to do a special research project on modelling the landfill for reclamation.

Students exibiting their work and presenting findings

This summer, 2  IIT undergraduate Civil Engineering Students will be working on this project involving setting up measured 3D models of the landfill site and updating them with the current available data.

This fall, an IIT IPRO team of approximately 20 students will take on this project. They will investigate the infrastructure requirements of the site and the types of buildings that could be built on this former landfill. The IPRO program at IIT joins together students from various academic disciplines to work as a team to tackle a real-world problem. The team for the NE District project will consist of bright, energetic students and faculty experts in several disciplines including civil engineering, architectural engineering, architecture and business. The City hopes to gather fresh ideas and innovative solutions to transform this environmental liability into a long-term asset to the Blue Island community.

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