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NE Park Update: Parcel D TPH Cleanup is Complete

30 Jun

During May-June 2014, a remediation crew from V3 Companies performed dig/haul of petroleum-impacted soil on Parcel D within the NE Park site .  The objective of the work was to remove soil impacted with levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) that exceed site-specific Illinois EPA cleanup standards. Summary of findings of fieldwork below and can also be accessed online.

Excavation in Action!

Soil Remediation Activities

The cleanup work was performed in accordance with the IEPA-approved Remedial Action Plan (RAP) consisted of the excavation and haul-off of approximately 300 tons of TPH-impacted soils, and landfill disposal of these soils as a non-hazardous certified special waste.

After the impacted soils were removed, V3 collected soil verification samples from the excavation sidewalls and bottom. Soil analytical results for the verification samples were well below the site-specific soil TPH cleanup objective. No further soil remediation is required to address the issue.

Exploration for the Suspected Storm Sewer

While the cleanup excavation was open, V3 also explored the area where an suspected concrete storm sewer was previously observed in a soil boring. The excavator encountered concrete debris and a concrete floor slab at a depth of approximately 10 feet below grade, where water was observed flowing from beneath the slab. Remnants of the original soil boring were also encountered in this area. After further digging, no actual storm drain or sewer was found. It is evident that the concrete slab and groundwater found in the excavation were the features observed in the previous soil boring.  Thus, there is no evidence of a storm sewer in this area. The materials were actually a piece of the former building foundation from when the site was a brickyard long ago. No further work is required to address this matter.

Excavation Backfill

Parcel D TPH Cleanup - backfilled-looking south 060514

The remediation excavation was subsequently backfilled with the stockpiled overburden soils and clean soil that was imported to the site.  The area was rough-graded smooth to match the surrounding ground surface.

GW Monitoring Well Installation

One permanent groundwater monitoring well was installed down-gradient from the TPH cleanup area.  No obvious evidence of TPH impacts was observed in the well boring soil samples, and no visual evidence of petroleum product or impacts was observed in the groundwater samples.   Soil samples were collected for laboratory analysis of BTEX, PAHs and TPH.  Groundwater samples were analyzed for BTEX and PAHs.Post Remediation Activities

Soil analytical results were reported to be non-detect for BTEX and well below the site-specific TPH soil cleanup objective.  Groundwater analytical results were reported to be non-detect for BTEX and PAHs. No further action is required with respect to groundwater down-gradient from the cleanup area.

The cleanup activities and results will be documented in the forthcoming Interim Remedial Action Completion Report (RACR), which will be submitted to the Illinois EPA Site Remediation Program for review in the 1st week of July.


Parcel D TPH Cleanup Schedule Update

10 Apr

The Blue Island Brownfields Initiative would like to announce that our website is now updated with the following information related to the Parcel D TPH Cleanup:

As of April 10, the following is a tentative schedule of field activities:

  • Week of April 7: V3’s crew will begin to mobilize and prepare site for excavation.
  • April 15: Waste characterization sample for lab analysis taken
  • Week of April 21: Remediation excavation work to begin, pending weather and ground conditions.
  • Week of April 21 – April 25: V3’s crew to perform video camera survey of sewer line; cap sewer line; install 1 groundwater monitoring well down-gradient from the cleanup area.

Please note that there is little to no Public Health Risk associated with this cleanup process. City’s environmental consultant, V3 Co. will follow proper cleanup procedures prescribed by the USEPA and as outlined in the Health & Safety Plan.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in this project. The Blue Island Brownfields Initiative will continue to keep you informed with updates as they occur.

Celebrate Your Environment! Earth Day, April 22

4 Apr

Earth Day is in its 44th year in the Unites States. Conceived by the 1970’s so-called Flower Generation to bring about environmental awareness, this topic still has heavy (and possibly increasing) relevance in our world today.

Today Earth Day is celebrated by more than 192 countries. April 22 events will be held worldwide in support of environmental protection. To join a local activity such as an land or river cleanup you can visit the Chicago Earth Day Website, or the Friends of the Chicago River.

Of course there are everyday things you can do to help lessen your environmental impact, or your “carbon footprint.” One great way to do this is growing your own food!

Side note: the City of Blue Island Planning Department is doing its part for environmental rejuvenation. Partnering with the Environmental Protection Agency, 87-acre former landfill property at 119th and Vincennes is going through a cleanup process, so the land can be redeveloped and enjoyed. To learn more about the project check out more information at