Public Workshop Summaries

Introduction/Kickoff meeting, 3/12/2009

As a introduction to the community, the City held a lunch meeting with Blue Island’s Healthy Communities committee at the East Annex on March 12, 2009.  Attendees consisted of staff from MetroSouth Medical Center, Moraine Valley Community College, Salvation Army, School District #130, City of Blue Island, Cook County Public Health Department, USEPA and Blue Island Park District, Blue Island Aldermen, and others from a number of institutions. Laurel Berman, from Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry (ATSDR),  introduced the Action Model, facilitated discussion about local public health issues in Blue Island and obtained commitment from the group to champion the project.

Preliminary List of Local Health Concerns (pdf).

Public Workshop #1, 6/10/2009

The 1st of 2 public workshops for was held at the Blue Island Public Library, the City, along with the leaders from the previous meeting scheduled a workshop to introduce and fill in the Action Model. Attendees from the Healthy Communities group along with additional residents, aldermen, working professionals, business owners, and others helped comprise issues and concerns to address through the Action Model.

Public Workshop #2, 10/15/09

A followup workshop was held for October 15, 2009 [read the invitation here].

Community members who attended provided valuable input to help us pinpoint topics for futher measurement. Topics were selected by most ease to collect and measure data, how it will most effectively work inconjunction with the Blue Island Plan and the level of importance to community members. Throughout the meeting, some of the topics that weren’t chosen as top priorities launched subgroups to collect data on their own time to spur further change in the area.

Although no further meetings have been scheduled to date, the City maintains contact with ATSDR to discuss and update the Action Model. Make sure to keep checking back for further updates!

Action Model Update, March 2010 (.pdf)DRAFT, Please Do Not Cite


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