History of the Northeast District

Blue Island Brickyard: 1897-1952

Brickyard Train

The site was used from at least 1897 until 1952 to excavate clay for brick making. The clay pit was located on the south portion of the east parcel. Former structures associated with the brick company were depicted in the northern portion of the central parcel (currently Vulcan), the adjacent Gallagher property, and the south-central portion of the east parcel.

  • An iron oil tank (identified as not used), oil pump, and crude oil underground tanks were depicted south of the structures and in the central portion of the central parcel (Vulcan). An oil pump was depicted on the south portion of the east parcel and the fuel source was listed as crude oil. These areas were likely subsequently filled when the site was used as a landfill or filled prior to Vulcan’s use.
  • Railroad tracks were depicted on several Sanborn Maps and topographic maps between 1897 and 1953. Railroad spurs were depicted on the central parcel and east parcel. Railroad tracks were also depicted along the south boundary of the eastern parcel. No evidence of railroad tracks was observed in these areas during the site visit.

Brickyard Workers

Sexton Landfill: 1952-1966
John Sexton Contractors Company (Sexton), of Hillside, Illinois, acquired the property in 1952 and operated an open dump (including the disposal of hazardous waste) at the site until 1966. A rubbish dump is depicted on Sanborn maps during this time period. Structures are depicted in the north portion of the Central Parcel (now Vulcan).

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