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Parcel D TPH-Cleanup: Fieldwork Confirmed for Friday, 05/30/2014

29 May

V3 has confirmed that field remediation activities  will begin on Friday, May 30. The work to be performed is mostly one field day for the excavation & haul-off and to collect verification soil samples, followed by 1-2 days for lab analysis. If results indicate that additional dig/haul is needed, the process will be repeated. The cleanup is expected to be completed within 4-5 days.

Review the updated Parcel D TPH Cleanup Fact Sheet to know more about the cleanup and answers to your concerns about risks to public health.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this cleanup, feel free to write to us at brownfields@cityofblueisland.org.


Parcel D TPH-Cleanup: Fieldwork Rescheduled

14 May

The dig/haul will not begin on Friday, May 16. Due to rain and flooding over the weekend and past week, the contractor has to push the scheduled remediation activities on Parcel D into next week yet again.

The field work is now scheduled for Friday, May 30.

For questions, feel free to write to us at brownfields@cityofblueisland.org.

NE Park Cleanup: April 2014 Updates

9 May

Parcel D TPH-Cleanup

  • Schedule Update: V3 has confirmed that the remediation is rescheduled for 05/30/14  05/16/14 has been pushed to the week of May 19, due to the heavy rain. Unfortunately, the ground has become too soaked to do the dig during the past couple of weeks.
  • Early in April, field crew from V3 Co. began mobilization activities to prepare the site for excavation. V3 already marked-up the area and was confirmed by the subcontractor. The proposed remediation area measures approximately 30’ by 30’ with the approximate depth interval of 10’-15’ below the ground surface.
  • In response to the RFP/Q for Remediation Subcontractor, our consultant received proposals from 4 different environmental companies. RW Collins has been selected for the TPH-Cleanup work. They are a WBE-certified business (…..USEPA grant agreement requires the City to make good faith efforts to meet fair share goals and contract with disadvantaged, women-owned & minority-owned businesses when possible. WBE goal is 12%) and their cost estimate for work was considerably low.
  • Have questions related to this cleanup? Concerned about risks to public health?

Site-wide Cleanup Planning

In response to IEPA comments on ROR/RAP, Weaver Boos, City’s environmental consultant has finished the draft of Supplemental Remedial Investigations Workplan. After a review with the staff, the plan is anticipated to be submitted to IEPA in mid-May. It is a comprehensive document that includes all the parcels within the NE Park site and would help the City further remediation/construction efforts.