What is the 4-Step ATSDR Brownfields /Land Reuse Action Model?

What is the ATSDR Brownfields /Land Reuse Action Model ?

Using the community identified public health concerns and the corresponding measures, ATSDR develops what they refer to as an “Action Model”.  The ATSDR Action Model is a 4-step process to assess local health issues and addresses the ways they can be measured and eventually improved. The 4 steps are:

  1. What are the issues in the community?
  2. How can redevelopment address these issues?
  3. What are the corresponding community health benefits?
  4. What data are needed to measure change?

The action model encourages people to think about broad public health topics connected to community health:

  • Health – physical and mental health
  • Community – education, economy, safety, security ,
  • Land and Environment – contaminated soil/water/air, parks, waterways, and
  • Buildings and Infrastructure dilapidated building, grocery stores, sidewalks

Action Model Community Health Pilots
The Action Model has proven useful in pilot-scale community health projects in the following cities:

Baraboo, WI; Blue Island, IL; Cuyahoga County, OH; Detroit, MI; Milwaukee, WI & St. Paul-Minneapolis


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