NEMUD: Goals & Objectives

Charrette Goals

  • Re-visit and confirm the vision of creating a high quality, commercial park and as a major gateway to the community, in the broader context of the Blue Island Plan for Economic Development;
  • Develop a concept plan based on sustainable development principles for the NEMUD Commercial Park that is compatible with the objectives of the Blue Island Plan & the NE Commercial District Development Guidelines.
  • Develop a Framework Plan will include proposed road systems, appropriate land uses and will outline general development standards. The plan will be used for further study and evaluation of infrastructure needs and costs. (May need to modify this to include infrastructure related outcome)
  • CWL site concepts
  • Review and refine Zoning & Development Guidelines, where necessary
  • Develop an implementation strategy

Commercial Park Design Goals

  • To develop the entire district as a master-planned business park;
  • To promote ecologically sensitive land use and ensure minimal impact on water and air quality;
  • To attract and accommodate businesses that utilize rail access as a part of operation;
  • To create high quality and lasting construction that maximizes efficiencies, minimizes resource consumption, and provides a healthy indoor environment for employees, patrons, and visitors;
  • To ensure full site accessibility for employees and customers by public transportation, walking, and biking;
  • To reflect objectives of the Blue Island Plan for Economic Development
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